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Our teeth continue to move throughout our lifetime, as the jaws and the supporting bones and tissues continue to remodel, as the rest of the body does too. Therefore, it is crucial for patients to use retainers in order to maintain what they achieved with orthodontic treatment. 

hawley retainer 

Hawley retainer is made of acrylic for the inner surface of the teeth and of wires for the outer surface of the teeth. Therefore, it is stronger than the clear retainer and is adjustable if mild tooth movement occurs. 

In our office, it is only used for young patients in mixed dentition after phase I orthodontic treatment.

Essix retainer (clear)

Clear retainer covers every tooth precisely and is our preferred way of retention for patients. 

For patients with grinding habit, we recommended getting a night guard on upper teeth and a regular clear retainer for the lower teeth, to prevent any damage to their teeth as well as their retainers.

fixed retainer

(front teeth only)

Fixed retainer may be used in the upper and lower front teeth. It is beneficial for patients who started with a lot of irregularity in the region. 

How long do i have to use retainers? 

For your lifetime, if you want to retain the result!

How Often do i wear retainers? 

After the orthodontic treatment is done, you have to wear your retainers ALL THE TIME, for first 3 months.

After the first 3 months, you have to wear them EVERY NIGHT, for first year. First year after the orthodontic treatment is crucial time since fibers and supporting tissues around the teeth will continue to remodel during this period and will pull the teeth to their original positions, if retainers are not worn!

1 year after the completion of orthodontic treatment, it is best if you continue to wear your retainers EVERY NIGHT so that you make a habit of doing so. If not, at least wear them few nights a week in order to maintain the result.


You may sometimes feel that retainers will be very tight, then it means that there has been some movement of teeth. In that case, try to use retainers for longer hours and every day, until you do not feel the pressure.

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