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Headgear & Facemask

Removable appliances

In growing kids with skeletal problems, such as lagging upper jaw or lower jaw, or too much growth on either jaw, we incorporate functional appliances such as headgear or facemask to induce or limit the skeletal growth.


Headgear is a removable appliance that a patient wears during night time to either limit the growth of upper jaw or allow more growth of lower jaw (in skeletal II patients). Headgear works only when it is worn by the patient as prescribed by the orthodontist.


The facemask appliance a removable appliance which patient uses at night time to pull the upper jaw forward to treat retrusive upper jaw relative to lower jaw (skeletal III pattern). It uses the chin and the forehead as anchor points, allowing the upper jaw to come forward. Rubber bands are placed from the facemask hooks in the mouth and pulled and hooked to the hooks on the front of the face mask. When removing the elastics, it is important to disengage the elastics from the facemask and gently slide them off the hooks in the mouth.

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