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Palatal Expander

Palatal expander expands your upper jaw by putting pressure on upper molar teeth. Patients with constricted upper arch, severe crowding, and crossbite most likely need an expander use.

Ideal time to expand the palate is during growth, when palatal suture has not completely fused. But even in adults, expander can be used with a procedure called micro-osseosperformation (MOPs) or a special expander called mini-implant-supported expander (MARPE).


Patients with airway obstruction may benefit from expander treatment to enlarge nasal airway.


How to turn the expander

How Often to turn the expander

Every doctor has a different protocol, and every patient require different protocol. So if you forgot how often to turn the expander, you have to inquire your orthodontist. And also, do not turn more than you are instructed to!

Dr. Shin utilizes slow to semi-rapid expansion protocol to obtain physiologic changes in the suture and to reduce tissue damage at the suture. Slow expansion is once to twice of turning per week. Semi-rapid expansion is every other day turning. The protocol is determined by multiple factors such as patient's age and complexity of suture.

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