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Jaw Surgery &

Orthodontic treatment

Who needs Orthognathic surgery?

orthognathic surgery2.jpg

Due to advancement in orthodontics (with mini-screws), what used to be a surgical case a decade ago may be treated non-surgically. However, for patients with severe skeletal problems, such as those shown above, orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery) may be not only necessary but also beneficial for the patient's healthy. 

When mild skeletal problem is treated only with orthodontic treatment without surgery, it is the teeth movement that compensates for the skeletal discrepancy in the jaws. It may be harmful for the teeth and the supporting tissues in the long run, if teeth are moved too much beyond the envelope of their skeletal housings, which are the jaws. Therefore, a well-trained orthodontist's correct diagnosis is crucial in determining whether the skeletal problem can be solved with orthodontic treatment only or orthognathic surgery is needed.


It is understandable that a lot of patients want to avoid orthognathic surgery, but remember that solving severe skeletal problem with only teeth movement without surgery may not be the best for the health of the teeth, jaws, and supporting bones and gums in the long run. 

Orthodontic treatment 
Before & After jaw surgery


Both braces and Invisalign may work for surgical cases, depending on the case. 

In most surgical orthodontic patients, patients undergo pre-surgical orthodontic treatment for few months, undergo jaw surgery, and then continue with orthodontic treatment after the surgery for another few months. 

In some rare cases where most of the problem is in the jaw(s) and not in the teeth alignment, surgery-first approach may be utilized in order to achieve the major improvement at the start of the process. 

timeline for getting jaw surgery


Initial consultation with Orthodontist 

(30-60 minutes)


Initial consultation with

Oral Surgeon

(30-60 minutes)


Initial records

(30-60 minutes)

  •  X-rays: 2D and 3D

  • Photographs

  • 3D scan of your teeth


Discuss tx options &

start braces/Invisalign

(60 minutes)

  • Treatment plan devised by both Orthodontist & Oral Surgeon is discussed 

  • Braces placed or 
    Invisalign started

  • Referral made for extractions if needed


orthodontic treatment

(12-18 months)

  • Regular visits every 6-8 weeks (20-minute adjustment)

  • Duration differs by difficulty of cases, whether extraction is needed, and so on.


Oral Surgery visit
1-2 months before surgery

(60 minutes)

  • Pre-surgical records will be taken with oral surgeon for surgical planning

  • Will be discussed with orthodontist and patient


Orthognathic Surgery

(3-5 hours)

  • If two jaw surgery, jaws will be splinted together for ~4 weeks

  • Liquid diet for few weeks


orthodontic treatment

(~12 months)

  • Regular visits every 6-8 weeks (20-minute adjustment)


Retainer check

every 3-6 months

  • Retainers must be worn full-time for first 4 months

  • Then every night afterwards

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